• Sanskrati Wahane

    The Pulpit Rock

    Music tradition is in the veins of wahane family. Sanskrati and Prakrati are treading the same path paved by their father, Shri Lokesh Wahane (Sitar Wadak). Sanskrati born on 25th Jan, 1998 in Sikandra – Waraseoni (M.P.) made her first debut at the age of eight. She received her initial education in the field of music from her father Shri Lokesh Wahane, Gandabandh disciple of world famous Sitar Maestro Ustad Shahid Pravezji (Etawa Gharana) Sanskratis tradition and style of playing is unmatched. It is characterized by a rare phenomena of purity of Raga, Gayaki and Tantrakari Ang. Presently she is pursuing the training of traditional music under the worthy guidance of ustad Shahid Parvezji and world famous Tabla Maestro (Talyogi) Pt. Suresh Talvalkar ji.

Contribution and Achievements :-

  • Performed at Architecture college, Chandhigarh. (2006)
  • 150 years of Indian independence Celebration , Ujjain (M.P.) (2007)
  • 150 years of Indian independence Celebration , G.D.C ., Indore (M.P.) (2007)
  • Music workshop, Daily College, Indore. (2007)
  • Programme organized in memory of Late Dhirendra Kumar, Kalidas Academy, Ujjain(M.P.)(2008)
  • Datatrayh Centenary Celebration, Indore.(2008)
  • Bhatkhande Sangeet Samaroh (Ujjain). (2008)
  • Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Memory celebtations (Chinhol, Nagpur). (2009)
  • Late Jawaharlalji Darda Music Academy, Nagpur. (2009)
  • Lokmat Press establishment celebration (jalgaon). (2009)
  • Kala Vaibhar Music Academy, Nagpur. (2009)
  • Ustad Allahrakha Samriti Sangeet Festival, Pune (2010)
  • BARCE, Tarapur, Mumbai(2010)